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Our popular Peruvian restaurant located in Stamford’s Columbus Park is seeking new bartenders. Our Pisco Bar continues to gain popularity and our Peruvian cuisine has been a staple for Stamford dining for over 15 years. Our restaurant is seeking bartenders who are reliable, committed, honest and hard working. For those unfamiliar with Pisco, it’s a bartender’s dream. A spirit with the diversity of wine can make amazing compliments to meals and will open your eyes to a diverse world of spirits you might have been unaware of.

Our ideal candidate is focused on being part of a winning team no matter what. A hard-worker by nature that is social, energetic and excited to converse with clients. Our ideal candidate has some experience but is also excited to try new things and learn. Spanish and English speaking is a must as our clients range in their comfortable language. It’s never boring and there is always something to do and our bartender should be ready for it. A good rule of thumb is, if you’re not busy, clean something. Open availability will allow for additional future shifts but Sundays and Thursdays must be open.

Our environment is a typical busy restaurant. On most weekends every seat is taken with people eating, drinking, talking and celebrating. Being able to quickly handle tasks while still being a good host is critical. Our food drives our traffic and our food is amazing so even as a bartender expect to be playing a role of server as well. Even regular bar patrons can’t help themselves but to grab a quick bite to eat while at the high tops or the bar. Be sure to stay up to date on all sports as our patrons come in to enjoy Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football and especially Soccer, on our four TV screens above the bar. Big events such as “El Classico”, Paint Nite, Alive@Five and Pisco Tastings generate big business for our bartenders and as management we are committed to getting additional business in the door everyday.

Qualifications - Our eligible candidates must:
Comfortable lifting cases of liquor (30+ lbs).
Speak English and Spanish comfortably.
Have knowledge of most drink crafting methods and common liquors. Be willing to learn.

Be a team player, no room for egos behind a bar.
Be comfortable conversing with patrons.
Be willing to help when needed.
Be excited to act as an ambassador for the bar to the rest of the wait staff. Be gracious and get along well with others.

Be able to open and close the bar when necessary.
Be prompt.
Keep their workspace clean. It makes the drinks taste better.

Have a consistent schedule.
Understand how to handle patrons who should no longer be served alcohol.

Big plus:
Familiarity with pisco.
Familiarity with Peruvian food.
Graduate of Bartender’s Academy in Fairfield. A great social media presence.
Fluent in both Spanish and English. 


To Apply Now, fill out our form below and our Bar Manager will reach out when positions are available. If you would like to attach a resume, email it to and please be sure the names match so we know who you are.

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